Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks Tribute Blend 2012

I haven’t written a coffee post in so long!

I have been drinking it, but I have stuck to some old favourites from Starbucks or cheaper brands to bridge the gaps. I plan on joining a subscription scheme once I’ve moved into my house 🙂

So last week I treated myself to a the Starbucks Tribute Blend 2012.

IMG 1283

I love the packaging for this coffee. It’s simple and fresh. It has a morning feel to it for me for some reason.

IMG 1284

I liked the description of this coffee. Combing four different beans creates a new distinct flavour. I don’t usually go for blends as I like individual beans, but it does make a nice change to go for a blend that combines ones I have already tried separately.

It is a nice coffee. Easily drinkable during the day. But for me it’s not strong or full-bodied enough. I would have liked a bit more depth to it coming from the Sumatra beans, but it gets a little lost with all the other beans. I don’t know if the blend has equal parts of each bean, but I think its gone more for the lighter beans from Columbia and Papua New Guinea, over the darker Sumatra beans.

I would get this one again though as it is a great drinkable coffee for work 🙂

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