Relaxation and a Wedding

I had last week off and have only just gotten around to blogging about it! So it was a bank holiday last weekend and because I kind of work for the government we got an extra day off – so there was really no point going in when I needed to head up north for my friends wedding 🙂

I decided to book into the hotel of the wedding for a mini break full of me-time and I am so glad I did. The hotel had a spa and gym and on one day my August reward was to have a full body massage.

It was so nice just to take some time to myself away from everyone. But then it was extra nice when my friend arrived at the hotel the night before and a few of us went for dinner totally unplanned.

The next day was the wedding and it was beautiful and so much fun. I was worried as I only really knew the bride and groom and a few of her friends from when we were at university together, but I needn’t of worried as all their friends were fantastic and fun!

The colour was teal green with white roses – so pretty.

IMG 1287

The wedding room was lovely.

IMG 1294

With a guitar player in the corner and outside while the photos were being taken.

IMG 1295

The roses.

IMG 1297

After the ceremony there were mojito drinks while we waited to meet the new husband and wife.

IMG 1299

And here they are Clare and Kevin!

IMG 1314

With the bridesmaids Cheryl and Tori.

IMG 1317

Got to use my confetti!

IMG 1326

I was sat at the friends tables (also the singles table) which turned out to be the loudest table in the room and so much fun!

IMG 1327

The favours were mini bottle of alcohol and i got rum – such a fantastic idea!

IMG 1328

Cutting the Cake!

IMG 1331

Overall a lovely end to my week off. I am so happy for them and glad I got to be part of their special day and also totally jealous of the honeymoon!

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