August Goals Recap

August was so much better than July!

I felt more at ease and less stressed, even with job interviews and studying. Making sure I have enough me-time is key for my peace of mind and enjoyment of the things I do do with people.

So how did I do with my goals:

  • Meal Planning and Tracking – I did really well on these, meal planning every week and tracked 85% of the time, even if I don’t follow my meal plan exactly. It made me make a shopping list and I used the foods I bought even if not in the meals they were planned for.
  • Photo A Day – I did this 82% of the time. Some days I just forgot as I had a couple of busy weeks.
  • Lose 4lbs – I lost 3lbs in August and I’m extremely happy with that. I need to work on my diet still but it’s going in the right direction.
  • Make time to stop and relax – I did this every week. I made sure I had an evening to myself to stop or do exactly what I wanted.
  • Stick to my budget – This did not go to plan and I have ended up using my credit card a few more times than I wanted as things came up for the house. I didn’t go extreme, but I need to reign in even more this month.

I missed the last couple of days in August as I was away at a friends wedding, but I still stuck to my goals.

Overall I completed 88% of my goals!

My reward for August was a full body massage while staying at the hotel for my friends wedding 🙂

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