September Goals

I can’t believe autumn is right around the corner. I love autumn but I will miss summer, probably because we didn’t have one, just the odd weeks of warm weather – typical British weather really 🙂

So it’s time to set my September Goals:

  • Do the local Parkrun at least once
  • Finish 3rd module of Certificate in Business Accounting and set up revision schedule
  • Attend running club session once a week
  • Bike ride once a week trying to increase distance
  • Lose 6lbs
  • Overhaul finances ready to start paying mortgage
  • Read books I’ve already got on my Kindle!
  • Cut back on the caffeine – 2 cups a day!

I am carrying on with things like tracking my food and daily meditations, but those are becoming habits so I feel confident I do them the majority of the time. Now it’s time to start making new things habits.

Money is going to be the main focus of September. For some reason I’ve been out of sync with money since returning from my trip. Not significantly and I’m no way in debt, but I have to use my credit card each month and then repay out of the next month and its been that cycle for a while. So my plan for September is to get out of that and spend very little – sorry friends 🙁

I feel good. Things are going well. I am feeling better about myself and I’m ready keep making improvements in my life. Autumn seems like the perfect time to  cut back and enjoy the free things in life and enjoy the changing season.

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