Watching Some Movies

I realised I haven’t done a movie post in forever, which is sad as I love movies!

In the last month or so I’ve been to the cinema a few times and watched movies on Sky and bought a couple of DVDs – its been great.

Amazing spider man movie poster

I went to see The Amazing Spiderman and really enjoyed it. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I liked Emma Stone in The Help and Easy A, so thought it would be worth a go. 

The dark knight rises batman poster1

I also went to see The Dark Knight Rises and loved it. I liked how it rounded up the story but also left it open at the same time. I liked the twists at the end too! It was long, but as it is the last one in the series I was okay with that. 

Tom Hardy Chris Pine This Means War Poster with Reese Witherspoon tom hardy 26958969 827 1222

I really like Tom Hardy, so after Batman I rented This Means War on Sky Box Office. It was okay. I was disappointed in the ending. I usually like Chris Pine, but I don’t know in this one he was likeable. Maybe I didn’t like the story of to guys fighting over a girl – a dream for most people probably. It just wasn’t as funny as I hoped it would be.

21 jump street

Another rental from Sky. I wanted something I wouldn’t need to think to watch and this was available at the time I wanted. It was stupid and funny. I enjoyed the original  but that was a long time ago. I did not realise Jonny Depp made an appearance – I would just recommend it for that!

The bourne legacy poster

This weekend has been all about Jeremy Renner! I went with my sister to see The Bourne Legacy and loved it. I liked the original Bourne Identity, but not so much the others. This one was like hitting refresh. It linked to the original stories but was one in its own right. 

My sister then recommended The Hurt Locker, so I found a copy for £3 in the local supermarket and couldn’t pass up a bargain!

Hurtlocker poster1

I don’t normally go for war films as I find them depressing, but this was an interesting take. It focused solely on the people involved and not the bigger picture of why the war was taking place. I found it interesting to see why the main character is how he is. It’s extreme, but eye opening.

Missionimpossible4 poster

Then finally to finish my Jeremy Renner weekend I re-watched Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. I love Mission Impossible – pure action movies! 

There are a few movies coming out, Brave and Total Recall, that I will probably go and see this week as I am off work and heading to a friends wedding so will probably treat myself to a couple of cheaper cinema trips during the day.

I’ve gone from reading non-stop to watching movies and TV non-stop ver the past couple of weeks. I also finished up a few tv shows I neglected while on my trip – Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Chuck 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Watching Some Movies

  1. Hi Angie, can I just say how much I like your blog? Because you do all the similar things I do and I find I can relate to everything you write. And you are swimmer! (I am not though, but it’s really impressive). I do too have similar long term goals (except for swimming, mine’s a half marathon) and I too like crafts, books, movies and coffee (oh, how much I like coffee :D). Okay, this comment is quickly turning into a creepy-stalkerish-kind one so I am just gonna end it 😀 Good luck with your goals, swimming, reading and being your awesome self 🙂

    1. Hi Vita,
      Thank you for your comment and it’s not stalkerish (yet hehe)
      I’m so happy you relate to my blog, its so nice to hear 🙂
      Go for the half marathon you can do it! I love having goals as it keeps me motivated and focused and gives things a purpose. I would really struggle with fitness otherwise.
      I think I could live off just coffee and books. If I could get paid to do that it would be my dream job!
      Thank you again so much for your comment I love that you’ve connected with my writing.
      Good luck with everything 🙂

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