Longer Term Goals

I haven’t written about my longer term goals for a while.

  • Studying
  • Lose 60lbs
  • Swim 10km

I’ve been doing well on my shorter goals and I am gradually working on the goals above. The studying and weight are going on the right direction. The swimming has taken a back seat. I got really frustrated with the cancelled open water swims of June and July that I haven’t done one since May. I’ve got one more booked for September but other than that I’m working on my overall fitness.

I’m not great with longer term goals. I lose focus on them very easily. I have to break them down and focus on a week or month at a time. If I think too far into the future I lose hope and that gets me no where. So as far as these goals are going this is probably the last time I will mention them until they are within reach. I’ll keep them in the back of my mind and gradually work towards them without realising it.

I’m feeling good about things generally so I feel okay about letting these go out of focus. I want to enjoy life and challenge myself everyday.

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