Life in the Med

I think my favourite food comes from the Mediterranean (apart from sushi!).

My trips to Rome, Amalfi, Barcelona and other places in Italy, France and Spain have led to a love of good quality, fresh food.

But I don’t do this at home!

To a degree I do. I get an organic vegetable and fruit box every 2 weeks, which once I move into my house I might up to a weekly occurrence. I also want to start doing more of my food shopping out of the supermarket. I want to make the effort to go up the local shops, such as the butchers and bakery and buy only what I need for the day/week. Again this will be easier when I live alone as I often find I use up my mum buys as they go away so often.

But I can start changing my diet now to incorporate more of the foods associated with the Mediterranean way of life. I’ve done a bit of internet research (good old google) and have a basic list of what the diet comprises of:

  • High in Extra Virgin Olive Oil – not butter
  • High in Legumes
  • High in Unrefined Cereals
  • High in Fruits
  • High in Vegetables
  • Moderate in Dairy
  • Moderate/High in Fish and Poultry
  • Low in Meat
  • Moderate in Wine
  • Low in Sweets

This is not too different from my current diet. I just need to make a few changes, such as use olive oil rather than butter and reduce my meat consumption while increasing my legumes consumption. It will take planning and preparation, but incorporates all the foods I love. Then on the rare occasions I eat out I can have those traditional British of dishes or other cuisines that aren’t meant for regular consumption – I’m thinking pies and Chinese 🙂

I started to properly meal plan and make shopping lists again at the end of last month. The main reason for this was to reduce the amount I spend on food and use what I buy – also to help lose weight. So I will continue to do this while incorporating the above list.

I know it’s not just about the food; the lifestyle is just as important. Being active and taking time over food are big parts of life in the Mediterranean and also aspects I want to incorporate into my life.

I have also made a good effort at taking time to prepare and sit down without distraction to eat my meals. It is about making time for what is important and I want food to be an important part of my life by preparing, cooking and eating fresh whole foods. I think this has helped with the binging, as there have been less sessions and they do not last as long. Striving for progress, not perfection 🙂

I’ll add my weight update to this post too 🙂

  • Previous Weight: 225lbs
  • Current Weight: 224.2lbs
  • Loss: 0.8lbs

I’m extremely happy with this. I feel I am being more consistent with my food and not over exercising to compensate for overeating, which means I have had more energy in the last 2 weeks than I have had in ages!

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