I Want To Do A Triathlon

I have decided I need to train for something and a triathlon is something I am curious about.

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I can swim. I can ride a bike. I can jog.

I can already do each of the parts to a certain degree and would love to be able to say i have completed a Triathlon.

So I am going to start training to do Sprint distance in 2013. I am thinking the Shock Absorber Women’s Only Triathlon I watched after my 3km swim back in June.

This will be a 400m swim, a 20km bike and 5km run next June. So I have 9 months to train. I know it is a long way off, but I want to lose weight at the same time so am going to gradually build up my training reduce the risk of injury.

My plan for the next couple months is to:

  • Swim 2x a week with my club (reducing this down from the 4x I was doing)
  • Run 1x a week with Running Club, building up to 2x a week when I am ready to do the other session with the club
  • Bike 1x a week
  • Strength Training 1x week – at the moment this is bootcamp, but will change when that ends in September

I then plan on incorporating back to back workouts into my routine. For example cycle somewhere to run then cycle home. Also run to the pool and swim then run home or cycle to do the same.

I also plan to get a static bike holder so I can still get a bike workout in if the weather is awful over winter. Also I need a bike rack for my car so I can go to places further a field every now and again to mix it up a bit.

I am prone to boredom so need to change my routine every now and again to keep motivation up.

I am excited about this. I still have a 10km swim in the back of my mind but I want to work on my overall fitness at the moment and cross training provides this more than swimming.

So my aim to have this smile on my face when I finish a triathlon!

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