Giving Up Facebook

I have decided to give up Facebook.

I have found that the constant supply of information about what people are doing is impacting on my mental health. I compare myself to others too much and one way to reduce this is to not access the information that gives rise to those bouts of insecurity.

I decided this on Sunday and signed out of site on my laptop and moved it to a bookmark folder I rarely look at. I also deleted the app from my phone. This has taken away the instant access of the site and although I reach for it, it makes me think why I have made it hard and then I don’t bother.

It feels weird not checking my phone for updates, but it also feels good. I don’t get distracted as much and I definitely don’t have as many low points as I was having even last week.

I am not getting rid of my account as I do like to go on and put my photos on there and see other people’s photos. I am just not going on it everyday or even once a week. I am thinking of trying to only go on after events or when people tell me there is something on there. I have turned off the notifications so it will be purely my decision to look if I want to.

I am keeping twitter as it doesn’t have the same impact and I don’t go on that everyday. I like it as a distraction while I am waiting somewhere and it is fun when big events are on like the Olympics. But I don’t have the need to go on there all the time and most of the people on there I don’t know personally and don’t compare myself to.

I found a fantastic pin on Pinterest yesterday, but some reason didn’t pin it and now cannot find it! It was about status updates being more important then feeling life and I thought ‘I don’t want to be one of those people’.

Sometimes you have to leave the herd to be happy 🙂


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