Things I’m Loving… Furniture Browsing

So as I waited and waited for confirmation I actually owned the house I was buying I spent my weekends looking at furniture. It was nice to go to stores without having to buy anything, just look and make notes and take photos and compare.

I have pretty much decided on the sofa and my new bedroom furniture, but I need final measurements from my house before buying just in case. So I probably won’t be buying anything until September or October time. Of course I have already bought my bookshelf so everything else will have to fit around it 😉

So what stores have I been looking at?

All the stores have different things, but very little of it I liked! But I fell in love with the sofa I want and the bedroom furniture at first site and they are within my budget – which rarely happens – so I know they are right for me. Sometimes you have to follow your heart completely and with furniture that needs to last and will be visible it is important to love it!

I’ll probably update when I start buying and of course when I move in!

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