My House!

Today I have exchanged on my house!

It has been over a month of worry and waiting for me. I have not been able to do anything except wait for the solicitors to do their thing. I hated it. I was so worried they would put it back on the market because it was taking so long, but the sales person is fantastic and knew how much I wanted it 🙂

So here is an illustration of what my house will look like.

My house will be slightly different due to it’s position so I get windows on the end and 2 of the garages are on the end as well. Those 2 will be used by another house down the street.

The layout is below. It is basically a detached flat. A perfect size for me and no risk of noisy neighbours through the walls!

My garage will be the end one on the right, so my bedroom will be over my garage – another bonus!

It has just started to be built and is due for completion in October/November – I can;t wait!

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