Things I’m Loving… Moleskine Wellness Journal

I’ve been using this journal for a few weeks now and I love it.

It’s exactly what I needed to bring all the aspects of healthy living together.

I love the weekly and monthly goal sections as this goes hand in hand with what I learning about in the Lifestyle course I am attending.

I also love the Exercise Log. This is short and sweet and allows me to track the key aspects of each session I do, as well as make a few notes. I have tried to journal my exercise before but I always got bored because I definitely thought I had to write more than this.

The Diet section gives me lots of space to write down what I’ve been eating and is also really easy to review, more so than my food journal with the Ki Fit.

There are other good sections, such as general health and inspiration, which is good to add to as time goes by.

I also love a little section called Breakthrough Moments! This is a nice things to have and go back to when I’m feeling low.

There are also sections at the end of the journal where you can fill in anything you like. I have added a Books section and a Website section as I find a lot of information from these areas.

I think the only thing that lets it down is that there is no specific Journal/Thoughts section. I may add one in once I finish my current journal notebook.

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