A Lovely Day for a Wedding

Last weekend my school friend Kayleigh got married to the wonderful Jon and I was lucky enough to be invited to share their happy day!

It was a lovely wedding in a local church and then the reception at a beautiful hotel not too far away.

The bride and groom looked amazing and happy.

The bridesmaids (including Sian) looking beautiful in red.

There was a butterfly theme throughout the wedding and it was lovely.

The tables were all named after places they had been on holiday together and included a holiday snap from the trip – a fantastic idea 🙂

The whole day went really well and I was happy to be able to share it with them. It is really the first one from my group of friends, which is weird, but fantastic!

A few more friends came to the evening do and we got a fabulous photo of us all together, which doesn’t happen very often!

Overall a beautiful and happy day!

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