Things I’m Loving… Bones

This is one of my favourite TV shows! I’ve watched it every year since it began and it has just finished its 7th season and its still going strong 🙂

It’s based on the book series by Kathy Reichs, which I started reading before the TV show was being filmed.

I started watching it because Angel was in it 🙂 but grew to love it in it’s own right.

There have been twists and turns a long the way, some good, some weird, but I love that the story is different from the books.

A recent episode basically turned the table on the TV?Books by getting Temperance to write books about a character called Kathy Reichs and then develop a film about it. I love those kind of inside episodes every now and then as a nod to the original work.

I am really liking writing these posts and just taking some time out to think about the things I am enjoying in llife, rather than letting the negatives get me down so much 🙂

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