More Than Sports Therapy

I’ve just started having sports therapy again and it has made me remember that it is totally worth it and is more than just making my body feel better. It also helps me mentally.

Jamie is fantastic. He was recommended to me by Gary my old personal trainer and I would recommend him on to anyone.

When I started seeing home it was more about muscle manipulation and the easing of tight spots and releasing nerves. It was great and really helped with the shoulder issue I had at the time.

But over time it has changed as he attended more courses and learnt more about the body and how it is all connected. To me this was interesting and fantastic as new things he tried worked and improved my body in areas I didn’t realise we’re holding tension. It also made me realise that the body is all connected, which sounds like common sense, but when it comes to injury we more often than not focus on the area causing the problem, rather than digging deeper to find the cause.

For me it is a combination of many things that caused my should issue. Poor swimming technique, lack of stretching and where I hold my stress. I have found it fascinating and Jamie takes the time to explain and show me what is he is doing and why. Often he gets a big book to show me the pictures of how things are linked 🙂

Going back now has made me realise how it also helps me mentally. I think what I felt so down a week ago was because a session with Jamie had realised a lot of tension and emotions that I hadn’t realised I was holding in. When I told him I’d had to take a few days off he wasn’t surprised. Sometimes the body can tell you everything you need to know, you just have to listen.

So I have realised that until I learn how to cope better with stress I need some help not letting it build up. It is also nice to be able to talk to someone. I can’t lie as he can feel the tension. It’s hard but good for me to admit things in the sessions that I have trouble speaking outside. Like I said its more than just about the body.

I won’t lie and say the sessions are nice and relaxing. There is much pain and discomfort, but afterwards it is worth it. Maybe not the day after as I tend to ache, but after that 🙂

I think it is about finding the right thing for you. It’s taken me a while to find something that works and someone I trust, but it is totally worth it!

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