First Piece of Furniture

Even though I still don’t have it confirmed that I have bought the house I am in the process of buying I know I am buying a house no matter what. If this one falls through I will look for another one. I was getting quite stressed out about it and when I sat down with my counsellor it came up and hence the post about control. What is happening now is out of my control and I have to let what happens happen. It’s take a week or so to accept this and even though I know I will be disappointed if it does fall through I know I am still going to buy a house. I’m okay with that. My dream to own my own house and that won’t go away 🙂

So I have been thinking about furniture!

This is the most exciting part for me. I have never had the opportunity to buy my own furniture before as I realised most of what I have is second hand from my parents or sisters. Which has been great, but now it’s time to look for things for me!

I am browsing things like sofas and bedroom furniture at the moment as I want to know the place I’m buying to make sure things will fit before I commit to anything. Also there is the August Bank holiday sales to look forward to!

But I have just purchased my first piece and it totally shows my priorities 🙂

A fantastic bookshelf for my living room!

I love it as it will how ornaments and books. It is one of several I had seen while browsing then my mum had the sale catalogue through the post Monday and it was in there so I just had to get it for half price!

I will be being selective about what goes on there. It will be my special books (favourites) on display and then my other fantastic books will go in my second bedroom/study 🙂

I am aiming to have a semi minimalist lounge, so this will be the one area to display things. Hence it really is a very important piece of furniture 🙂

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