Things I’m Loving… Fringe

I have decided to start a series of post about things I am loving. I think so much stuff is over whelming and that I forget about the things I am enjoying.

So first up is Fringe!

I got this on my Lovefilm DVD list back in April and have watched all 4 seasons since!

There hasn’t been a TV show I have been like this about in a long time. I really wish I could have found it when it started on TV back in 2008, but I somehow missed it. This means I have watch 4 years worth of show in 4 months 🙂

I love the concept and the characters. The concept is very different from everything else that is out there at the moment. It feels a bit like the modern Sherlock that has been on the BBC. Using science to explain the unknown, so nothing is really truly unknown. Also the idea of multiple universes is fun! Every now and then I expect Professor Brian Cox to pop up and start explaining the Wonders of the Universe 🙂

John Noble is fantastic as Walter Bishop. I love him, but there are times you see the madness beneath in a mad scientist kind of way. The way in which some people would do just about anything to prove a theory. The relationship to his son Peter has developed well. It didn’t feel rushed from hate to love straight away. It took time and it was believable. I totally have a crush on Peter Bishop – probably stemming my from crush on Pacey in Dawsons Creek – got to love Joshua Jackson. Peter is the unknown. You don’t know his past, yet it is hinted at. You also don’t know where he is going to go. Then there is Olivia who takes bit of warming to, but once you see her strength and vulnerability and how they work together to solve the mysteries I wanted to be her. The supporting cast are also great. I love Astrid and Broyles. I’m still unsure about Nina Sharp and then there is the elusive William Bell.

There are twists and turns in every episode, but it seems to know where it is going. I think I may have missed it as I was disappointed with the Lost ending and this was by the same people.

There is one more season left and I cannot wait!

This has been my distraction for the last month and I am glad for it. It took me out of my world for a while and got me thinking not just watching a TV show!

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