A Mixed Bag

So this weekend did not go to plan, but I was kinda glad as I wasn’t as rushed off my feet as I would have been if it had gone to plan!

Saturday was a trip to Bath for my friends Hen Do! We all went to the spa in the city for a bit of relaxation and catch up 🙂

Definitely worth a visit. It has 3 floors, with 2 pools and 4 steam rooms. However as it is very busy all day it is not the best place to go to properly relax. It was fantastic for a hen do as we got to chill out and catch up without worrying about making too much noise. Also we had a fantastic lunch in the cafe – me any a friends shared the rustic platter with cheese and things from the local area.

We then went a did a bit of shopping. I then had to leave early as I needed an early night for a 3km open water swim in the morning

But when I got home I’d had an email to say it had been postponed due to increasing river flow and debris. I was annoyed and relieved at the same time. Annoyed that if it had arrived an hour earlier (when I checked my email before getting on the bus to the car park) I could have stayed at the hen do for longer! Relieved as the weather reports all week had been full of flooding and river warnings. I now wonder if the one next week will go ahead. Its further down the river, but if we continue to get lots of rain it could be the same.

So my plans for Sunday changed from getting up at 5am to getting up at 7am for my normal swim session. I then went to the annual hog roast for lunch 🙂

I always like the hog roast. It is really good pork and its nice to spend some time with my parents friends in the local community.

I then decided to go out for a run as part of my Up & Running 5 km course. This was good as I had only managed to get 2 in for the last couple of weeks so have fallen behind schedule a bit. But this meant I could get my third in for the this week. Its getting harder, but also easier as I can feel I’m building up the running muscles and able to run for longer and a little faster at times.

Last week I was not looking forward to July as there was so much going one, but already 2 things have been cancelled, which means I feel more relaxed and know I’ll enjoy the other things more than I would have before 🙂

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