June Foodie Penpal!

I love taking part in Foodie Penpals! I love picking out foods to send (and try myself) and then meeting new people every month 🙂

This month my parcel was from the lovely Emily at Bristol Bites!

I love that this month led me to Bristol Bites as it is just down the road from me and is the closest city to me so it is fairly local in terms of the UK and it really is ‘the definitive guide to food and drink in Bristol’ – I will be using Emily’s tips on my trip to Bristol in the future!

I had to pick up my parcel from the local post office collection point and was so happy and intrigued by what I collected I had to open it straight away in the car!

I loved that Emily took the time to write where she found all the things in my parcel – I will definitely be visiting these shops 🙂

So first up was some Tea! I don’t think a parcel is complete without some sort of tea – we are in England! I hadn’t tried this one before, but had seen the brand. I didn’t realise they were a Bristol based company either so this was fantastic! Also the tea is so good! Slightly sweeter than normal chai. but not as sweet as chai tea you get in well know coffee shops. I really liked it. Perfect for a chilly night 🙂

Next out of the box was Gurkha Aloo Dam spices. I am very intrigued about this. Indian food is something i never make at home, so I would love to give this a go with potatoes 🙂

Next up was some bright yellow mustard! So bright I had to take a picture of just the colour 🙂

This is another Bristol based company and I love it. I am on the look out for foods from more local producers as the supermarkets are just packed with large scale manufactured stuff you don’t know where it comes from! So this Rose Farm Mustard with Somerset Cider (said in a west country farmer accent) is a fantastic find – can’t wait to try it 🙂

Last, but not least was a sweet treat – fudge! I love fudge so much! And honey fudge from Bristol is another fabulous local find! This was eaten the day the parcel arrived and was yummy 🙂

So much fun! Thank you so much Emily for your lovely letter and fantastic finds

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9 thoughts on “June Foodie Penpal!

  1. Hi Angie, my first month doing Foodie Penpals and am taking a peek at your parcel! I love the fact that you’ve got stuff from local companies! Just look at that mustard colour! xx

    1. Thanks Carol Anne! I love receiving these parcels each month and they are always different. Thanks for organising it each month 🙂

  2. Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed the parcel! 😀 There are some great local producers around here, hopefully you’ll manage to visit some of those places when you’re next in Bristol!

    1. I definitely will! Thanks again for taking the time to put the parcel together and tell me about where you found each item 🙂

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