Adventures in Books… Haunted


This is the 5th book in Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Underworld series. I really enjoy this series as each one is about different people, yet they all link together somehow. For example in this one Eve, the main character is the mother of Savana, and friends of Paige and Lucas from the previous 2 books.

This one was very different from the other books so far as it is set in the ghost world. The other are set in the real world as it were.

It follows Eve who we knew died in a previous book, but never really met. She is a ghost watching out for her daughter, but unable to do anything to help her. She is sent on a quest in which she could end up being able to help her daughter.

The book was funny and entertaining, but also romantic and horror filled at the same time.

I do like my fantasy genre books and this series gives all the power to the women in terms of they have the strength to do what they need to do, including accepting help from men when required. The male characters are also strong, but they are not the focus, they are supporting characters.

I know there are quite few more to go in this series so I plan on continuing but I’m not in a hurry. I like these books as in between others I read. Especially as a break from book club books so I can get some fantasy in my life.

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