Washed Out Week

This last week has been weird.

I went up to the Lake District on Tuesday with my Mum so I could take part in the Great North Swim on the Friday.

Everything was going to plan with normal showery wether, until Thursday night when the rain and wind picked up and decided to sit on top of the Lake District for 3 whole days. There was fog and mist everywhere!

My swim was postponed until Sunday so we hung around on Friday. However the weather was awful. It rained heavily all day and neither of us could be bothered. Then in the afternoon they cancelled the events due to take place on Saturday as the weather forecast was not getting any better.

I was then past it. I didn’t want to hang around another day just incase it went a head. I had this feeling that if we went hoe it would be okay and take place, but if we stayed it would get cancelled.  We decided that if we could get the money back on the hotel for Saturday we would head home. So we did.

I am disappointed, but at the same time not worried. I get very nervous before events and even more so if they have to be postponed or cancelled. I was also really tired. All week I have felt tired. I could have easily stayed in bed all day today! I just feel exhausted. I’ve been on edge for so long I have forgotten how to relax.

So in a way I am very glad to have come home a day early and have today at home. I’ve been round to chase up a few things on the house I’m buying. Also I plan to sit down and look at my diet. It’s something I have been in denial about for too long and I want to do something about it.

I have been feeling pretty rubbish about myself and have also really struggled with the first week of the 5k Up and Running Course.

I think an afternoon in and on my own will be just what I need to sort some things out.

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3 thoughts on “Washed Out Week

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  2. I’m sure they’re all saying this on the running messageboard/blog, but just in case – it does get better!! The first while sucks, so very very much, but stick with it! It’ll get easier surprisingly quickly and you’ll feel so great about your progress – trust me 🙂 See you soon!

    1. Thanks Ingrid! That’s what I am hoping, so I’ll keep going. My local running shop doesn’t open until Friday as it got flooded so will have to wait for new trainers. But have booked in for sports therapy tomorrow 🙂

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