A Very Civilised Swim

Today I took part in my second 3km open water swim!

It was at the Eton Rowing lake like the one two weeks a go, but this time it was Womens’ Only – much quieter and more civilised at the start and on the turns 🙂

It was also much cooler than last time and even getting in the lake felt very cold. I wasn’t feeling my best for this one, as I did not sleep well and had a bad stomach. I was worried I would have to get out before the end, but I kept going and did a good job.

I forgot to do my swim watch at the start, so wasn’t sure of my time and thought I was going to have to wait for the results to come up online. But while I was waiting for my friend I saw people using a computer and it was giving out provisional race results!

I was very happy with the result. Officially for the last race I had a time go 59 minutes 11 seconds, so slightly slower this time, but consistent. It was a different timing system being used and different conditions so open water swimming is hard to go just on time. I try to base it how I felt in the water and this time it was a struggle for 3 of the 4 laps, so I am very happy with the consistent time I came in with.

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