1st Blog Birthday!

Today I have been writing my blog for a whole year!

Happy Birthday Blog!


When I started I wasn’t sure it was going to last, but I really wanted to try and I have enjoyed all of it!

I have mixed up my schedule a lot and don’t have a set routine for posting. I think if I did I wouldn’t enjoy it so have gone with the flow and let myself take breaks or post multiples if needed.

I feel like it has been an amazing journey and still is. I am happy I started it and am going to continue. I have made some lovely blog friends, found activities I wouldn’t have found otherwise and tried new things!

The blog has helped me with my depression in a sense I can now talk about it more openly than before. It has not cured it, but I don’t think there is a cure as suck. It will take hard work and determination not to sink and this blog has been part of that.

I have gone on some fantastic trips this year and loved being able to share them on here!

So much has happened in the last year that I can’t quite believe it, but I am glad I have this blog to be able to look back and see what I have done and where I have come from.

I have some exciting news coming up and that will take up a good proportion of the 2nd year of this blog 🙂

I’m super excited about the second year of blog and wandering through life one adventure at a time!

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost – but it’s good to get lost every once in a while!

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