Adventures in Books… Working Out Sucks

Sometimes you need a hard hitting book to tell you like it is! Yes working out suck, but a lot of things suck even more!

I really enjoyed reading this book. It made me realise the types of excuses I use to not work out and then think about what would be worse.

Part 1 was all about the excuses. Every part ended with a sentence saying “working out sucks, but…” and gave me something to think about. Here are a few of my favourite quotes 🙂

“Health is so often associated with the body, but the real key to success is using the brain to unlock motivation and overcome fear”

“Exercise should make you sweat and if it doesn’t cause laboured breathing, you need to challenge yourself more”

“The goal is to have more energy, feel better about yourself and live a fuller, more complete life”

“We’re mostly at war with ourselves and our temptations, but our health is also at war with the diabolical marketeers of the Evil Food Empire”

The second part of the book was all about changing behaviours, which is often the hardest part!

“We aren’t stuck because we don’t want to change; its becasue we don’t know how to change”

The book takes you through 3 steps of how to change behaviours sucessfully. I have looked at these types of things before, but something about this resonated with me.

  • Create a Vision
  • Use your imagination
  • Vision Statement
  • Set Goals
  • Mind Over Matter
    • Understand how your brain reacts to change
    • Use your mind to replace negative thinking of the brain with more positive mindsets
  • Develop a Support Team
    • Value of social influence and support
    “Learning how to reduce negative influence and capitalise on the positive is an important secret to long term success”
    I found this section all about being realistic when working towards your dreams. It set out common pitfalls and discussed ways to not let them get in your way. This is a section I will need to revisit I think as it is the area I struggle with most.

    The third part of the is all about the nutrition side of things. Again it is about be realistic and not following any fad diets, rather spend time to learn what your body needs and feed it those things.

    “Exercise is certainly beneficial for overall health, and it can help move the needle in the right direction from a weight management perspective, but only if the nutrition side of the equation is under control”

    That quote above slapped me the face! It is something I have been in denial about for the last 6 months or so. It is the area I need to work the hardest at and that is probably why I struggle so much with it.

    Overall I really enjoyed this book and learn a lot more than I thought I would. I recognised some truths in myself that I had been hiding and that has made me start thinking a bit differently about things. It has made me recognise that I need to surround myself with like minded people the majority of the time as I am prone to slipping and becoming complacent. It is also highlighted many of the things that could go wrong with my health if I continue as I was (and still am) and I don’t want those things to happen.

    I would recommend this book to anyone from people who are already working out to those just starting out. It is an eye opener, but in a witty and realistic way!


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