May Goals Review

May – I’m glad to be done with May.

I’m starting June with a clearer head and more focused. I lost sight of the important things last month and I don’t want to let that happen this month.

I am pleased to say I met 80% of my goals, but it was hard and a few days ago I thought I was going to just miss it! But I worked hard the last few days of the month and completed 82.5% of them 🙂

  • Steps = 95% complete
  • Daily Activity = 121% complete
  • Vigorous Activity = 73% complete
  • Swim = 106% complete
  • Exercise Classes = 106% complete
  • Jog (Changed from Bike) = 25% complete
  • Daily Calorie Deficit = 8% complete
  • Study Sessions = 125% complete

Because I completed over 80% of my goals I am treating myself to some Joseph Joseph Chopping Boards 🙂

It is clear where my weaknesses are and that I why I chose to focus on them for June. I have everything I need to work towards my goals. I just need to stay focused and determined and motivation will follow.

It is not going to be easy, but it will be worth it!

Check back next month to see how I get on 🙂

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