Goals for June

May has been a hard month for me, but I am feeling positive about June!

I will let you know how I did on my goals for May tomorrow 🙂

So what am I planning for June?

I’m going to focus on my weaknesses!

  • Maintaining a Daily Calorie Deficit
  • Running
  • Vigorous Activity

I am also keeping my steps and activity minutes goals going, but I have have embedded these in my daily life, so I am going to take the focus off them and focus on the areas I have been neglecting.

My Ki Fit has helped so much with embedding good habits into my life, but I need to get back to fully utilising it to help me lose weight. The calorie deficit is definitely my main weakness, so I am going to be more vigilant and monitor the calories I burn and think about  what I am consuming!

Also I am starting the UP & Running 5km on-line course this month so I have added this to my goals to make sure I keep up with the group. This will also help increase the amount of vigorous activity I do, so those are linked nicely 🙂

I felt I lost a lot of focus in May, so I am going to work hard to keep my focus and believe things will work out 🙂

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