May Foodie Penpal

My May Foodie Penpal Parcel arrived safely from Kimberly over at Full As An Egg!

I had to use scissors to get into it so it was nice and secure in the post 🙂

I opened it up to find a lovely range of goodies!

And a lovely letter from Kimberly telling me all about why she choice the goodies in the box. I loved that she went to so much effort to find local products for me – Thank You!

First up was Make Us a Brew! English breakfast tea. I really liked this tea and now will be on the look out for it or something similar.

The there were eccles cakes! Amazing things. I rarely get them as I can’t stop at one 🙂

I had never had Chorley cakes before, but loved them. They are like excels cakes, but savoury and very nice with butter and cheese 🙂

I haven’t managed to try the next goodie yet, but I plan to use it with grilled chicken and maybe at the next BBQ!

Lastly, but definitely not least was homemade chocolate fudge! This was so amazing and yummy and I ate it all the day the parcel arrived! This was so thoughtful and fantastic. I hadn’t thought of putting anything homemade in to the parcels I send, but I will definitely be thinking about it for future parcels 🙂

I am absolutely loving taking part in Foodie Penpals! I love being about to look for new and interesting things to send to other people, but it is also making me look at others things and opening me up to things I might not have looked at before 🙂

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3 thoughts on “May Foodie Penpal

  1. The homemade fudge is a wonderful addition to such an awesome package! I love the sound of the pineapple & coconut chutney. Too bad I’m allergic to pineapple! I’m sure it would be a fun addition in some sort of Thai dish as well.

    1. It was so good. I ate it all in one day 🙂 I still need to try the chutney, but I agree adding it to a Thai dish could be good too! Thanks

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