Adventures in Books… In Defence of Food

Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.

This is the premise of the book. I had heard about it form a number of different sources and finally bought a copy last month. I really enjoyed reading it. It had facts and science, but also common sense. I wouldn’t say I agreed with all of it, but for the most part it made a lot of sense to me.

Part one is all about the more from thinking about food as food to food as nutrients. A lot of health claims are made with regards to nutrients, but there is so much that remain unknown about them that much of the time they can’t be proven. This is where a lot of the science of the book was included. It took a lot of concentration to read this section, and I imagine this could put people off, but persevere!

Part two was all about the concept of the Western Diet and the diseases that are now all too common in the developed world. This part really resonated with me. It helped me understand my struggles with trying to eat healthy and what the supermarkets and producers are doing. There is too much choice now, and many of of, myself included, are making the worst choices as there is a lack of consistent information.

“Modern civilisation has sacrificed mush of the quality of its food in the interests of quantity and shelf life”

Part three stepped in to help make sense of the part one and two.

“The challenge we face today is figuring out how to escape the worst elements of the western diet and lifestyle without going back to the bush”

The author goes back to the first seven words written “Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants” and break them down into understandable chunks with guidelines you can choose to use.

  • Eat Food: Food Defined
  • Have a history
  • Things that rot
  • Get out of the supermarket
  • Shake the hand that feeds you
  • Mostly Plants: What to Eat
    • Eat like traditional food cultures – French, Italian, Greek, Indian.
    • Mostly leaves
    • Healthy soils
    • Have a glass of wine with dinner 🙂
  • Not Too Much: How to Eat
    • Pay more, eat less
    • Eat at a table
    • Dont’ get your fuel from the same place as you car!
    • Listen to your body
    • Eat slowly and deliberately with knowledge
    • Grow your own

    This book really resonated with me. I liked how it was written. It was not written to inform the reader, rather than instruct. The last two quotes I have written below struck me.

    “Eating is as much about culture as it has been about biology” – I don’t want to lose this. I may struggle with food, but I love experiencing other cultures and a lot of traditions are centred around food. I want to keep this, but make better choices.

    “Ultimately , eating links us to the earth and its elements as well as to the energy in the sun” – this really struck me and links to where I am currently trying to go with my life and career.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to change the way they think about food and get out of the western diet mindset.

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