Outdoor Bootcamp

I have started going to an outdoor bootcamp at a local park. Its hard work, but I love it, or at least I love the feeling of having completed it each time!

The first week was wet and muddy and felt like a proper bootcamp experience. The next week was dry and busier, but the experience was fun and social.

I have done this bootcamp at another park for the last couple of years. I had great results in 2010 when training for Kilimanajaro, but couldn’t get into last year with everything that was going on in my head.

The park is lovely to walk around, but I don’t tend to notice it when I’m running and doing pushups, or triceps dips. Or just trying to catch my breath!

So I went back for a wander around last weekend when the sun was shining and the  baby geese were out swimming 🙂

We start at the entrance to the park that over looks the old diving board. No more swimming in this lake, so it won’t be featured in my open water swims.

The boot camp head the whole way round the lake, which is just under 2 miles I think.

One of the first stops for step ups and triceps dips and maybe press ups.

Time to wind in and out the trees – the longest run of the session.

Along the end of the lake – a very muddy path when it’s been raining.

Over bridge number one and about half way round. Time for balance exercises! and a rest 🙂

The run on to the next bridge and do some calf raises before sprinting up the next hill (my favourite bit every time 🙁 )

On to the grass for some planks or spotty dogs or push ups. To be honest whatever Gary decides!

Jumping over puddles on the way round.

Once we climbed over a gate and done a few more push ups its on to the last spot for step ups and then a sprint to the finish!

Overall a great a varied session. Much more interesting to me than just running straight round the lake. Its hard, but the feelings I get after each session cannot be beaten. Everything doesn’t matter. I have pushed myself and enjoyed myself and that is what I want. Already after only a few weeks it has gotten a little less hard 🙂

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