1st 3km Open Water Swim

I was up at 5am this morning to head to Eton Dorney Lake for my first Speedo Swim Series 3km!

I was one of the first people there as they were only just putting up the parking signs.

I had to wait for registration to open at 7:15am. It was already getting quite warm!

Once I was registered I was number 138 🙂

I then went to check out the course and get ready.

I also got to pick up my Speedo Swim Series T-Shirt.

It lists all the events this year. I wasn’t able to make the Spring swim as there wasn’t much notice as it was a late edition to the events, but I’m doing all the others 🙂

It was definitely warmer than last week, but I still decided to wear my wetsuit and booties.

I then hung around chatting to some lovely people, waiting for everyone else to register. They ended up delaying the starts by 30 minutes to get everyone registered. I ended up being quite hot by the time I got in the water!

I then got rid of my bag and headed to the start. I was in the second wave of swimmers. The 750m wave went in first, then us in the 3km wave, then the last wave doing 1.5km. Karri-Anne Payne started us off! The fist lap was hard work. Everyone was together and I couldn’t get an outside line, so got sucked into the busy parts, especially around the buoys. I did catch up with some of the 750m wave, but that wasn’t too bad. I then got into a rhythm and it was great as the lake was clam and very straight. There were also buoy lines to follow.

I came in and was able to watch quite a few people come in after me! My goal was complete it in under an hour and by my watch I did 🙂

I will have to wait for the official time, but I am very happy with how I swam and I’m looking forward to pushing a bit harder on the next one!

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