Open Water Practice

Today I went to the Olympic Rowing venue for a swim 🙂

This is the lake I’ll be swimming my first two 3km open water swims in the next month!

I went there today for an Open Water Swim Seminar run by Human Race.

I’m really glad I went for the seminar just to see the lake as I have never been there before. Also it was a long walk from the car park to the starting area – I was super early anyway, but that would have stressed me out if it was an event day for me.

The car park was towards one end of the lake. There were also triathlons taking place today so it was really busy and there was a great atmosphere.

There were already people swimming, cycling and running! It was so interesting to watch.

There was a 400m course set up for the triathlons. This will be a 750m course next weekend and I’ll be swimming around 4 times!

I got to watch a few mass starts while waiting for the seminar. They don’t look as bad as they feel like when you are actually in there! I stay towards the back 🙂

I also got to see the first seminar group heading into the water out of the way of the triathlon.

I learnt quite a lot at the seminar. Mainly once I was in the water. The talk part was interesting, but the guy taking it was a bit set in his ways and I felt a bit intimidated especially as we all do things differently.

The water this time was 13 degrees, but it was warmer outside the water, which made it much more comfortable than the H2Open Event a few weeks a go.

The coaches got in the water with us and taught us about sighting (crocodile eyes) and turning. Also about staying warm and getting in a good position when swimming with lots of people all around you. It was really good to get used to swimming close to other people without the stress of a race start. Its so easy to go off course and swim into other people, but everyone does it and getting used to it is part of swimming these types of events.

Also another really important thing I learned was about warming up. Basically I need mimic what I will be do in the water. Get in some dynamic stretches and I’m good to go. You want to be warm, but not not out of breath and the cold water will do that for you. Also get into the water a little bit before the start to acclimatise. I really found that once I had been in and swam around for 5 minutes or so my muscles felt looser and the water less cold.

I feel a lot better about the events I have coming up. Also with all the swimming I have been doing with Otters and Swimpodium I feel extra good. I’m also starting to get my diet on track to support my training as well as lose weight – the hardest part for me!

Look out next week for my review of my first 3km open water swim!

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