Honesty and Support

I’ve had a rubbish week and felt I couldn’t write about it as it doesn’t affect just me. However I have re-learned come key points from all my work in the last year that I had forgotten to practice.

I got lost and now I am working to find my way forward.

I forgot to be honest – with myself and with others.

I kept trying and thinking things would get better I just needed to put more effort in. However some things are just not going to work. Its not failure – even though it felt like that. It is a journey and I have learned more about myself in the last week. Not being honest with myself meant I was not honest with anyone else. It sucks sometimes to be completely honest, but it is really for the best.

I forgot about my support network.

I’ve been heading inwards for a little while and had to stop it. I’ve private with my feelings, but I do not need to hide them from those who love me. This last week has reminded me that I have people there for me no matter what and I love them for it.

I forgot about me.

I have been so busy trying to be who I think I should be, that I forgot who I am and where I want to go. This is turn impacted on the things I love to do. That was not good at all, especially as I didn’t want to go swimming for a bit there. Then I got in the water and thrashed out my best session yet and felt great. No guilt, just felt great that I have accomplished a fantastic swim session.

I feel like I have taken 2 steps back. But considering I had taken about 10 steps forward in the last year, this is not a failure. This is a bump in the road to remind me not to get complacent. Not to think others can read my mind or that I can read other peoples minds. It reminded me to think about me. Not in a selfish way, but in a way that will boost my well being and self-esteem.

It sucked, but I am moving forward. Time does not stand still and neither will I.

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