Adventures in Coffee… Peet’s Guatemala San Sebastian Beans

I’m half way through the last bag of coffee I bought back with me on my trip 🙁

This one was my favourite! I tried it only once in Peets in Seattle, but loved it! I bought a big bag and it is still good. Not as fresh as it was, but great none the less.

I have tried this one in both my favourite brewing methods – the filter cone and the French press.

I like it in the French Press best because I can leave it for a longer time to brew to make sure it is nice and strong. Also as I only use this at the weekend now it is a much more relaxed cup of coffee. With some semi-skimmed milk it is lovely. Although I am sure cream would be fantastic – I might treat myself to some this weekend as I’m sure I’ll finish the bag this weekend 🙁

The filter cone brew is still great and convenient in work and for a quicker cup at home. I think the coffee needs to be as fresh as possible for the filter cone as it goes through the filter at its own speed. So I have found sometime the coffee isn’t that strong. This is okay, except on Monday’s when I’ve been up since 5:30am and swimming I need a strong cup of coffee!

Being on my last bag from  my trip has meant I have been researching UK coffee suppliers. This year is going to be a bit of trial and error. I have order some from for after this bag. I am saving up to join a subscription service from HasBean do a weekly podcast which takes you through the coffee you’ve been sent. It sounds fantastic, but it is pricey so I have put it down on my rewards list for meeting my goals 🙂

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