Adventures in Tea… Teapigs Chamomile Flowers

Time for another adventure in Tea!

On my last order from Teapigs I decided to get the pick and mix sample box to try some of their teas I don’t normally buy.

At the weekend I tried the Chamomile Flowers and loved it!

I wasn’t sure I would like it as last time I tried a pure chamomile tea I really didn’t like it. But that was when I was climbing up Kilimanjaro and I was off everything.

Since the I have tried some blended teas with chamomile in and really enjoyed them.

Also this one is made up from whole flowers 🙂

I brewed as per the instruction on the back – boiling water for 3 minutes – and then let it cool for a bit. I had it in the evening and enjoyed it while unwinding with a movie.

It is quite  subtle tea, which is really nice. I enjoyed more once it reached a luke warm temperature. It was too hot to start so I would need to have it early on in the evening to enjoy it properly.

I will be adding this to my tea collection in the future as it was a really nice pre-bed drink 🙂

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