Balcony Herb Garden

Now I am out of home and living on my own – with my flatmate – I can finally do a few things I ahve wanted to do for myself for quite a while.

One of those things was the organic veg box.

Another is having a herb garden 🙂

I went out and bought several individual herbs then a pack of herbs. My mum was nice enough to plant them in pots she had spare at home. Also to save me buying a huge bag of soil to plant 2 pots!

I have already started using them in my cooking and love having them fresh and so close. I have added chives to cheese sandwiches. I haves used the parsley and coriander in pasta dishes. I want to try fresh mint tea, but have not gotten around to that yet. Also I am thinking of fresh mint in Pimms in the summer and in cocktails!

I also have a few herbs that I got because they were in the pack and now I need to find something to use them with. Sage for example – some kind of pork dish I am thinking 🙂

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