Adventures in Books… Unlimited

I loved reading this book! I normally stay away from life self-help books and go for ones that focus on specifics, but this book can be applied to anything!

It is divided into 3 steps – Imagine, Believe, Achieve – and this really helps you focus on what you want and how you are going to get it. Each step is broken down into chapters and you work through them. I mean work, not just read. I downloaded the workbook from and worked through all the exercises as I went through the book. The questions are in the book, but having them written down in front of me really helped me focus. Some were easy, some were hard!

I was taken in by Jillian’s no nonsense attitude and this quote sucked me in – “Screw Surviving – It’s Time to  Thrive!”

I found this book brought together everything I have been learning in the last year or so and put it in a logical order for me. I am a logical person and I work better with steps to follow, rather than trying things here and there and hoping to discover what works. I read this book with my goal to lose weight in mind as I know that will help me with my swimming goals as well as boost my confidence to go for the next goal, whatever that might be. Also in the back of my mind while reading this was getting through my depression. Having goals really helps me focus and commit, but I really struggle with big, long term goals and this is where this book will help me considerably.

“Focus on the process, not the goal” – This is another quote that hit me hard. I get so hung up on the thing at the end and forget to enjoy getting there. I am loving my swimming right now and this made me realise losing weight and training for a 10km swim can be enjoyable. I don’t have to deprive myself of anything to get to the destination. Also that destination is just another stop along the way to who knows where!

The book is more than just what goes on inside your head. It also goes into how you come across externally. This is something I want to work on, especially in work where I go inward. There is also parts on the people you surround yourself with and the environment, which are often the hardest things to change. But it is not about changing, it is more about moving forward, and everyone and everything moves forward at different speeds and therefore sometimes you have to let them go naturally.

One of the last quotes I want to share is this one – ‘a huge part of success is a simple matter of showing up and refusing to give up’ – it really doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you like Jillian Michaels I think you will like this book. If we need a bit of help getting out of a rut or through a bad time, this might just help provide the focus you need to keep going. It’s no nonsense and almost as though Jillian was in my head talking to me! If you want a taste I really recommend her podcasts as they will show you how she is with people and her approach to things – I love them 🙂

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