1st Open Water of 2012

Last weekend I took part in my first open water event of the year – it was cold!

H2Open Magazine held an event for open water swimmers and they chose a location with a lake for a mass participation swim.


The event was fantastic and lots of good and amazing speakers from all walks of open water swimming.

So back to the swim. At the hotel where the event was held was a lovely lake, which was at 12 degrees! We got in to swim 750 metres, which is a quarter of what I will be doing in a months time.


60 got in and acclimatised for a few minutes while everyone got in and then we were off. It felt so slow due to the cold, but I finished in 14 minutes 20 seconds and came 29th 🙂

So that was a little tester swim before I start my 3ks at the end of of the month!


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