April Foodie Penpal

This month is my first month taking part as a UK Foodie Pen-pal!

I received a parcel from Juls over at Pepper and Sherry 🙂

I loved picking this parcel up from the post office collection office. I smiled so much when the guy bought it out! I will be being more inventive with my wrapping from now on.

I opened up the box and found a lovely box of goodies!

Juls put in a fantastic card and explained all about the things she sent to me.

Juls sent me all things I had never tried before – Thank you Juls!!! This is exactly why I wanted to join in to try new foods 🙂

First up was Werner’s Original Bobotie. This is a South African dish using mince meat. I can’t wait to try this 🙂

Next up was a packet of spices to make Pickled Curried Fish! This sounds weird, but I am willing to give it a go 🙂

Also in my parcel was a jar of Egusi Stew Sauce. This looks really yummy!

I also received a tin of peppercorns. I need to get a proper grinder before I can use these!

Lastly there was a bottle of Loganberry Vinegar from Juls local farmers market! I tired this right away as I was having a dinner of bread and cheese and thought this would be great to try with bread and it was fantastic!

I’m so disappointed I have not been able to try the food recipes that Juls sent me before this post. However I plan on posting about them as soon as I can – keep an eye out 🙂

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6 thoughts on “April Foodie Penpal

  1. What a lovely and creative box! I haven’t heard of hardly any of those products. I love that your foodie pen pal included some recipes! I’ve been trying to be better about that in my last few boxes.

    1. Hi Andrea, me either. It was so much fun opening the box and then reading all the products. I’ve been away so much in the last couple of weeks I am really disappointed I haven’t been able to try them properly, but I will and I will post about them! I went for my favourite things for the first box I sent and plan to do that and incorporate more things I see when out and about – any excuse to go shopping! Your parcel looks fab too – the whoopie pie is huge!

  2. Your parcel is so pretty, you must have been the proudest person in the sorting office that day! It’s full of great stuff too, I’m especially interested in the pickled curried fish.

    1. Thanks for organising it all Carol Anne! If you ever need any help let me know. The lovely man at the sorting office thought it was my birthday! I love it as it’s all new things. I plan on buying the fish to do that recipe this week – you need quite a lot so have been waiting for a weekend at home 🙂

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