Adventures in Coffee… Stumptown Indonesia Beans

This is the one from last bag of beans I bought back from my trip 🙁

I really liked this coffee when I tried it at Stumptown. Unfortunately I did not realise until I opened the bag last week that it was not sealed air tight. This has meant it has been sat in my cupboard letting the air get to the beans for the last 2 months. The beans have lost some of their strength and freshness, but it is still good coffee. Totally my fault, as I got carried away buying 5 bags of beans while away and I wanted to save the ones I liked the best until last!

I have now tried this with milk and black. I prefer it black and strong. This means I am using more beans then normal for a cup of coffee, but I think that is because they have lost a bit of freshness.

Overall a very enjoyable tea. I have had most of the bag at work and find it a nice everyday coffee, even though I remember me thinking it would be special occasion coffee. I love it anyway 🙂

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