Processed is the Wrong Word

Since the Ki Fit Bodysmart Diet I have been looking at my foods more carefully and thinking about how I can improve my diet and nutrient profile.

In a previous post I used the term ‘processed’ to describe the food I wanted to reduce or eliminate from my diet. However after doing some research ‘processed’ is not the right term to use at all!

‘Food processing is the set of methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food or to transform food into other forms for consumption by humans’ Source

This is basically everything! There are very foods we eat in their true natural form, unless we grow them ourselves and eat them raw.  That is not a feasible way for me to live and I want to make sure I do not define something incorrectly.

I have discovered I want to reduce convenience foods, rather than processed foods.

‘Convenience food is commercially prepared food designed for ease of consumption. These are often product sold in portion controlled single serve packaging designed for portability and on-the-go eating’ Source

These are the foods I want to reduce. I need to be realistic and focus on reducing rather than eliminating, because sometimes it is so nice to grab a pizza and do nothing but stick it in the oven and then enjoy. However I can’t do this too often.

I really like the 80/20 idea that Laura got me thinking about. Losing the idea of perfection and the all or nothing approach is amazingly relaxing. Doing something 80% of the time is not a failure. It is an achievement.

This is is what I am thinking about in terms of my food. I want to focus on whole foods the majority of the time and then enjoy a little ease or indulgence once in a while.

I feel quite comfortable about this. I can think about it in terms of 5 day cycles if I need some sturcture. Every 5th day could be a day I don’t track or have that pizza. I don’t want to think too structured, but it could have with planning meals out. For example I could plan by thinking I am going out on Saturday, therefore the 4 days before I want to cook for myself.

I have lots of thoughts running through my head about this and how I can improve my diet and it will definitely be a learning process and journey.  My food likes and dislikes are constantly evolving and therefore I need to be able to evolve my diet with it.

With my fruit an vegetable boxes I am already making a good start to more home cooked meals 🙂

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