Feeling Great

Today I am feeling really good! Its so nice 🙂

Today has been a normal day really, but I’ve been very productive and proactive! Plus a few things have gone right 🙂

Went to work as normal this morning and got lots of things done. I am just waiting on a few things then I can put together a few reports on the carbon footprint – including transport data, which is exciting (for me) 🙂

I then met my friend Linz for Body Pump at lunch and it was great. We had a catch up and a good workout!

After work I popped back to the sports centre where I swim and I sat down with Kevin who took our land training in the bootcamp to decide what kind of gym programme I would like. He is going to put that together for me for next week!

Then my swimming coach came in and we all had a coffee and a chat. This was totally unplanned and that made it great! It is rare to be able to get 10 minutes with Steve fully, so it was really nice to have a proper catch up and let him know how I am getting on and what I am looking forward to and hearing what he has planned for Swimpodium in the near future 🙂

I then headed home and remember it was my next delivery for my organic vegetable box and fruit box!

Lots of different things in there this week including a recipe for the butternut squash 🙂

Then in the post were my tickets for the Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour!

I’m not going until July but I am so excited!

So over a very good day! I am also feeling good about myself and have some plans for my diet and fitness, but will write about those in a different post this weekend 🙂

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