SwimPodium Swim Bootcamp

For the past 2 days I have taken part in a swimming bootcamp run by Swimpodium. It consisted of 2 hours in the pool then an hours land training doing a circuit based session.

It was fantastic! Even if I did have to go top bed at 8pm last night 🙂

On the first day there were 11 of us and Steve the Coach. We spent the time in the pool swimming around 400o metres. Steve split the session up into 15 minute segments. We started with a warm up then worked on front crawl. I have significantly improved my front crawl working with Steve. I just need to get out of my comfort zone and up the pace to improve my fitness. We also worked on some back crawl and butterfly. I am lazy on these strokes! We then headed into the outdoor pool to work on turns and starts. It was good fun, even if it was a bit chilly out of the water.

We then headed inside for the land training. Kevin who runs the centre took us for circuit training. It consisted of about 10 stations with a variety of weight, strength and cardio training. We did the circuit 3 times, making each circuit shorter than the last. This was great and I definitely need to do more of this to get my fitness levels up and in turn improve my swimming!

We then had a nice relax in the pool cafe followed by an early night.

Day 2 I felt good, but tired. We got back in the pool and worked on steady front crawl with fins and hand paddles to warm up fully. We then worked on butterfly and then breaststroke. Including a good session on turns and push offs. These are very important in terms of pool racing as can save you time and reduce the amount of swimming you actually do by using them to your advantage. We also went back in the outdoor pool and worked on kick and glides. Also we did a bit of fitness in the pool by doing stationary  jumps and tumble turns.

The it was back to circuit training. This felt harder, but I think it was because I was more tired. There were some different exercises this time, including walking lunges! I really dislike lunges. We did the circuit 3 times again and I really liked doing that with each circuit reducing the time on each station. I also asked Kevin if he could do me a gym program like this for me to use as I have no idea what to do in the gym. However seeing the how quiet the gym  at Next Generation was I am more than tempted to get in there, especially after my weekend swims!

Overall this type of training is fantastic. Tiring, but fantastic. If I could do this even once a week I think my fitness would improve quickly! I am really enjoying my fitness this month and am on track with my goals for April 🙂

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