Ki Fit Diet Week 6

This was my final week on the Kit Fit Diet!

W/B: 5th March 2012Calories BurnedCalories ConsumedCalorie DeficitActivity DurationStepsSleep DurationSleep Efficiency
Monday3363231510482 hr 24 mins85606 hr 21 mins58%
Tuesday3666241112553 hr 4 mins104046 hr 43 mins73%
Wednesday293425433911 hr 7 mins66714 hr 38 mins69%
Thursday383329398942 hr 44 mins141025 hr 56 mins63%
Friday295420988561 hr 32 mins49937 hr 7 mins58%
Saturday353133262052 hr 34 mins83976 hr64%
Sunday4320324710733 hr 31 mins163824 hr 51 mins63%
Average351526978182 hr 25 mins99305 hr 57 mins64%

This was a much better week than the last and I lost weight, taking my total weight loss on the diet to 8lbs. I am extremely happy with this as there have been a lot of changes in my life in the last 6 weeks and a few ups and downs with stress, but it has made me more aware of myself.

I am learning a lot about my body and how it responds to food and exercise. I have evidence to look at to determine when its my mind talking or my body asking for fuel. I can’t do this without looking at the data, but I hope to learn as I continue to use the Ki Fit.

This week was also easter and I only spent 3 days in work. I found I stayed very active over my days off and even got my bike out and cycled to a exercise class. I have eaten more chocolate than I wanted, but I maintained a deficit every day. It wasn’t a consistent deficit but I am happy any way.

Activity wise I have increased my vigorous activity this week and I do feel better for it. I also had a fitness test which has highlighted where I am and where I was in 2010. I also have a goal for where I want to get back to with regards to fitness and my weight.

This week I have felt back in a normal routine, without moving or stress getting in the way. It was about going to work, swimming and exercise and then relaxing as a reward. Listening to myself and being honest and motivating to myself through positive self talk, rather than talking down to myself and beating myself up.

Taking part in the Ki Fit diet has been fantastic and I would recommend anyone getting a Ki Fit to do this to help learn about what the data is showing you about your body. I am going to do a full review tomorrow. I still have a lot to learn, but the Ki Fit diet has helped me a make a great start to 2012 🙂

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