Adventures in Books… I’ve Got Your Number

I loved this book!

It was fun and catchy and I wanted to know what happened to Poppy and Sam!

I have read Sophie Kinsella for a while and really enjoyed all the Shopaholic books, but I have enjoyed her one off books more. I really liked Twenties Girl and Remember Me?

I really liked the premise of the book. Having your phone stolen and then the desperate panic over everything it contains. I could imagine that finding a phone in bin would be a lifesaver – although I would have probably handed it.

I’m not good at book reviews but I love to share the books I enjoy 🙂

This was pure chick lit! This is a big departure from my usual reads, but it makes a nice change to the fantasy and crime I read more of. I like that it only took me 2 evenings to read. I could get sucked in for a couple of days then move on to another book 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Books… I’ve Got Your Number

  1. This is good to know! I like her one off books best too – have you read Can You Keep A Secret? I loved that one 🙂 I’ll have to find this one – it sounds good for the summer.

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