Ki Fit Diet Week 5

This week was awful! I am disappointed in myself. But I plan to learn from it and move forward. The great thing about the Ki Fit is that you can’t lie to yourself about how much activity you do and therefore how many calories you actually burn in a day. The only thing you can lie about is the amount of food you eat, which is pointless as then the data does not reflect true life.

Last week I had to go away for work for a few days. A long few days! Tiredness is my downfall. I just can’t seem to make thought through decisions when I am tired. I need to think of some strategies to combat this. Some go to things to do when I’m tired so I don’t instantly turn to food to boast my energy as that does not work! Activity is key for me – or a nap 🙂

I ended up eating way more than I needed and exercising a lot less than I would have liked. However I did start a new swimming session on Mondays at 6am! Crazy, but a great session with Swimpodium. I feel like I have found my dedication to swimming this last week and I love it. I plan to try to get in 4 sessions a week. I really miss the level of fitness I once had and this is what I am aiming to get back. Weight is important form a health aspect, but that doesn’t seem to work as a driver anymore. I need goals and progress and each session of swimming provides that.

Also I have booked a fitness test this week with my old personal trainer to gauge where I am now. I wish I could afford to have a session a week, but that is a luxury that is out of my price range at the moment. So I have compromised and decided to booking in for a fitness test every 3 months to keep an eye on my fitness levels and set goals to work towards for the next time. I’ll let you know how that goes later this week!

So here is the data table…

W/B: 5th March 2012Calories BurnedCalories ConsumedCalorie DeficitActivity DurationStepsSleep DurationSleep Efficiency
Monday330323739302 hr 14 min93446 hr71%
Tuesday323627404961 hr 54 min126346 hr 41 min79%
Wednesday29424063-11211 hr 27 min121218 hr 3 min74%
Thursday32544041-7871 hr 57 min132715 hr 54 min77%
Friday308228282541 hr 44 min111676 hr 33 min63%
Saturday345335841312 hr 14 min63476 hr 28 min67%
Sunday390029979032 hr 45 min108505 hr 23 min72%
Average33103232782 hr 3 min108196 hr 26 min72%

It always surprises me how easy it is to eat so many calories! I need to work treats into my lifestyle, but I also need to get out of binging!

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