Swimovate Poolmate Watch

I love my poolmate watch!

I got it for christmas to help me swim better on my own. I am rubbish at counting lengths and get bored and mind my mind wanders when I swim on my own. So I wanted a watch to count my lengths.

I looked at basic lap counters, but decided to go for the Poolmate after a friend at my swimming club recommended it. This backed up everything I had read online. I also thought it would be a good idea to get it before my travels so I could use it while away.

I’ll admit I had trouble getting used to wearing it as it felt awkward on my wrist and made it ache by the end of the swim. You need to wear it tight, but not too tight!

I started using it while away and found it helped with my swim session my coach sent me via email. I found it helped me keep my heart rate up and not pause for too long. It also helped me keep pace when swimming sets.

I have used it for the majority of my sessions since I have been back and find it great. I am recording all the data in my swim log book. I can now compare my data as I go on and hopefully see improvements. But a first where I need to improve 🙂

The only thing that is frustrating is that is doesn’t pick up some of the lengths I swim breaststroke. I don’t swim much breaststroke, but I find it annoying. I am going to try working on my stroke technique and see if that helps, but otherwise I will just stay aware that this data may be missed.

Also the calories calculated from this is very different from what the Ki Fit calculates for swimming. I go by what the Ki Fit calculates as that is less than the Poolmate to err on the side of caution.

Overall if you like data from your workouts you will like this watch. I’m not sure how much it will help me improve my technique, but it will allow me to see my improvements in fitness the more I wear it.

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