Reviewing the Data

I have had a rubbish week with regards to food. I am not surprised really as I always struggle when I have to go away for work. Travelling and not being able to stick to a plan throws me off. This is where my all or nothing thinking still kicks in and causes problems for me.

I want to learn from my time working with the Ki Scientists so I have sat down and looked at the last month’s worth of data.

I am pleased with my the amount of calories I have been burning. I have an average of over 3000 calories. My goal is 3000, so I am thinking I will now increase this to 3100 calories a day. I want to push myself to keep active and improve my fitness levels and I think gradually increasing my burning target will mean I challenge myself without risking disappointment and frustration of not meeting my goal.I am not so pleased with the calories I have been consuming. I have averaged 2488 calories a day, when my goal is around 2000. In reality my goal is to have an 1000 calorie deficit every day which would mean I would be averaging about 2200 calories a day to allow for my activity. I can also see from the data below that there are been a gradual increase increase in the last week. I know this is because I wasn’t keeping an eye on my display and I had no plan.

I also know I need to cut down on the amount of fat I eat. Also I need to look at the amount of sugar makes up the carbs I eat. Basically I need to pay more attention to the ingredients in my foods. Now I have started getting a veg box I am going to centre my meals around the foods I get there. So I will be making more things from scratch.

I want to keep working at my 1000 calorie deficit aim. I have struggled to maintain a significant deficit, so this is something I really need to work on and include in my meal planning.

I am also happy with my activity levels. My aim now is to increase the amount of vigorous activity I do as almost all of my activity is moderate level.

The amount of steps I do each day I also happy with. I have been making the effort to increase my incidental exercise, especially in the office where it is so easy to get stuck at my desk all day. Sundays seem to always be my lowest number of steps – I’ll keep that as my day off 🙂

I think I have been too caught up in what I have been doing wrong and not focusing on the bigger picture. I am happier now I have looked at more than one week at times worth of data. I know where I have been struggling and what I want to work to work on. I can now put together a plan to gradually make the changes I need to make, rather than try to make them all at once, which is what I would have tried to do in the past.

With only a week left of the Ki Fit Diet I was worried I hadn’t put my all into it. But I now realise I have learnt a lot about myself and my habits. I have also learnt how to use the data I get from my armband. I know how important it is to monitor myself on the display during the day and them look at the longer term in the activity manager. I can now set goals and make changes based on my body and how it works. I can use the data to influence changes to my mind, such as the foods I chose to eat when I’m stressed or tired.

Overall I am feeling great!

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