Ki Fit Diet Week 4

This week has been rubbish. Well not the whole week, just the last few days. Even after my Anger post on Friday. I let it all get to me that evening and used food to distract myself. I want to change this and this just proves I have to keep working at it!

W/B: 5th March 2012Calories BurnedCalories ConsumedCalorie DeficitActivity DurationStepsSleep DurationSleep Efficiency
Monday317621919852 hr 1 min109755 hr 4 min61
Tuesday292424404841hr 25 min78185 hr 49 min83
Wednesday348825329562 hr 36 min95874 hr 39 min70
Thursday275025691811 hr 22 min78335 hr 38 min70
Friday313523457901 hr 51 min105924 hr 35 min49
Saturday3917276611513 hr 4 min122995 hr 34 min69
Sunday2578225232635 min45507 hr 34 min69
Average313824426961 hr 50 min90935 hr 33 min69

I put on weight this week. I put on 2.8lbs. I am disappointed, but I know that it was my choice to eat the things I did. I wouldn’t usually eat out 4 times in one week so that was very unusual for me. It is so hard to know what to choice. I find I think I have chosen a ‘healthy’ option but then it comes with something you don’t expect. Overall I have eaten too much this week and not done enough exercise.

It has been frustrating. Over the last year I have lost fitness. Now I am back at a level I had forgotten about. Everything is hard and mentally exhausting. I know I had to work to get there and then keep working to stay at a good level of fitness, but it is hard not to be disappointed at myself for letting everything slip.

I have been back from my trip a month now and I have run out of excuses. I want to get my motivation and dedication back. I have 2 months until my first open water swim of the year and only 2 weeks left of the Ki Scientists help. I have been putting together a training plan for my swimming and feel good. I just want to learn more about food. I need to study my data more than I do and that is my plan for this week. I am away with work so I have decided that in the evenings I will sit down and work through the last 4 weeks to see what worked for me and how I can make changes to what hasn’t worked.

This week my goal is to learn about myself. I want to understand what my data is telling and work out some ideas of how to improve things.

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