Getting in Gear

It is only 2 months until my first 3km open water swim of the year!

It hit me yesterday that this is not very long and I am out of shape. If I had to do it tomorrow I would really struggle!

So I’m glad there are still 2 months until the swim. Its time to get my arse in gear and set up a training schedule.

Swimming is the easy one. I have 3/4 swim session a week I can go to with other people to help me on, including 2 fully coached sessions. I am currently on 2 sessions a week but plan to build up to 4 a week by the end of May and the 1st swim.

I can then get in one or two other cardio sessions with my friend Linz. These would be Body Combat type classes, so great for getting the heart rate up and calorie burners. I enjoy these as they are social sessions as well. It gives me and Linz a chance to catch up.

My concern is adding in strength sessions. I do the occasional Body Pump class, but that is not enough. I’m not good at going to the gym, but that is the best place to go. I bought the book New Rules of Lifting for Women last year and had a go at the first stage. I enjoyed it but couldn’t get into the routine of 3 times a week. This is the area I need to think about a bit more. I’ll keep on with a Body Pump class at least once a week then build on this. I need to do a bit more reading and decide what will be best for me.

This is when I remember how good it was to have a personal trainer! But I cannot justify the cost right now. I am going to book a fitness test though, so I can monitor my progress every few months!

So my plan today is to write out a training schedule for the next 2 months and stick to it! I’ll post the schedule when I’ve put it together 🙂

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