Today I felt angry!

I haven’t felt angry in a long time. I used to just slip into not caring or sadness. I used to blame it all on myself. I stopped feeling angry about anything.

Today I felt anger again. I’m not going to go into details as it was to do with work.

I am angry writing this but it’s okay. I am letting myself feel the anger.

It’s weird as I am very much feeling a mix of different things. Hurt. Shame. Determined. Spiteful. Happy. A very weird mix. But I’m not hiding from it. I am letting myself feel it and slide away.

It is making me want to make decisions that I have been putting off making. I want to be the bigger person, but I also want to show them what they think doesn’t matter to me. It was the way it was handled. I want to show them I can move on will continue to do better and better on my terms.

Then comes the fear. Not anxiety like it used to be but nervous. Excited. Ready for change. Growing!

So what did I do different to handle it this time?

I got on with my work.
I went for a walk.
I treated myself to a skinny vanilla latte.
I felt the anger.

I didn’t sink or turn to food 🙂

Time to move on in more ways than one!

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